Clavicle Case Study 10

This 38 year old man came off his motorbike at high speed on the race track and presented with a comminuted fracture of his clavicle. His 3D CT scan highlighted the extent of the damage and I operated on him …

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Clavicle Case Study 9

This 21 year old man got the “death wobbles” while riding his skateboard downhill, fell off and fractures his right clavicle. Within 5 weeks of having the plate and screws put in he was back doing his normal activities and …

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Clavicle Case Study 8

This 34 year old man came off his pushbike and landed on his right shoulder causing a fracture of his clavicle. He had surgery one day after seeing me and while his x-rays showed he hadn’t quite healed, he was …

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Clavicle Case Study 7

This 14 year old male fell from his skateboard and within 5 weeks of having the plate inserted had healed, had full range of motion and absolutely no pain. [images]