Clavicle Case Study 6

This young man was 16 years old at when he landed heavily while playing rugby. He had surgery three days after seeing me and healed within 5 weeks: [image 1] [image 2]

Clavicle Case Study 4

This is an 18 year old male who fractured his clavicle playing rugby. Image 1 shows a fractured clavicle that is quite angulated. This patient had a lot of shortening of his shoulder and the bone was prominent under the …

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Clavicle Case Study 3

This is a 26 year old Olympic swimmer who fractured his clavicle playing touch football. Image 1 shows the clavicle fractured in 2 pieces. Image 2 shows the clavicle fixed with a plate and screws. The clavicle was fixed through …

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